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Milan Ficek
JUDr. Milan Ficek
attorney - partner
02/ 381 04 750

Milan Ficek

Age: 41 years

Experience in Law: 17 years (14 years as a attorney-at-law)


Together with colleagues in our office, we work daily on the largest legal advice service in Slovakia, where everyone can find free answers to various legal problems.


My area of passion in law is family law and property law. I also have past experience in criminal law. Family law is the primary area I focus on in our office. I believe that an expert is someone who not only advises but also finds solutions that are not just unnecessary expenses. I have gone through thousands of cases in family law, and therefore I can quickly evaluate the best course of action and chances of success. Law is not just black and white, as many people think. Often there are multiple solutions, some of which are hidden. An expert is someone who finds a solution in a lost cause.


I work as a lawyer and want you, as my client, to leave the resolution of your problems to me, to rely on me, and know that you are in good hands.


A lawyer must always do the maximum for their client. Solving complicated cases of people and finding solutions that help them get out of trouble has fulfilled me since I became a lawyer.


I enjoy challenges, and those who know me are aware that I don't just stop at anything. I have been practicing law for a long time and am continuously working on myself to help my clients get what they want. I think several steps ahead for my client, strategically.

I am considered a moral and empathetic person. But I am tough on the opposing side.


A bit about me:

I have been married since 2010. My wife and I have one son, who is 10 years old. Both my wife and I come from modest backgrounds; I am one of four siblings. Due to communism ruling in Slovakia until 1989, my parents could not study because we had a politically persecuted person in our family. The regime at the time prevented descendants from obtaining better education. This also affected our family. After the fall of communism, I was able to study, and I am grateful that I can do what I enjoy.


My wife is also a attorney-at-law. People often ask how we endure being together at home and at work, and if we don't suffer from 'cabin fever.' However, we often don't even see each other at work; either I or my wife is in court, or we have consultations with a client, or we work closed in our offices on our clients' cases. However, we try to meet for lunch and dinner.


I believe that one must have a strong foundation at home if they want to work to their fullest in their job and win for their clients.

In essence, a lawyer always solves only other people's problems. If they had to solve their own problems as well, they would not perform at 100%. Therefore, I always consider it an advantage if the spouses are from the same field because the other spouse understands you more easily (for example, when I win in a difficult case, because they understand what it entails).


I am eager to devote my energy to you, our clients. Therefore, I am very happy to meet with you, whether remotely or in person. Together with colleagues in our office, we form a team that fights for the rights of our clients and stands by their side until we win.


I focus mainly on these areas of law: property settlement, civil, family, and criminal law.

I do not specialize in: social security law and intellectual property law, bankruptcies. 

Professional career

Professional Skills:


As an esteemed legal counsel, attorney-at-law, and partner at Law Office FICEK & Partners since 2010, I bring a wealth of expertise and dedication to every case. My journey in the legal field is marked by a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of various legal areas.


Renowned Speaker: I regularly share my insights and expertise as a speaker at legal conferences, contributing to the discourse in the legal community.


Media Contributions: My professional insights have been featured in leading commercial newspapers and magazines. Additionally, I've collaborated with national TV networks like Markiza, JOJ, and RTVS to bring legal understanding to a broader audience. Discover more on our YouTube channel: Ficek & Ficekova YouTube Channel.


Bar Associations:

I am proudly registered with both the Slovak Bar Association and the Czech Bar Association, reflecting my broad legal competence across borders.



My academic foundation in law was laid at the prestigious Law Faculty of University of Matej Bel in Banska Bystrica, where I graduated in 2006, with the degree JUDr.


Client Testimonials:

Our legal services are best spoken for by our clients themselves. With over 5,000 positive reviews on Google, our commitment to client satisfaction and legal excellence is clearly reflected. Look here:

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