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Milan Ficek
JUDr. Milan Ficek
attorney - partner
02/ 381 04 750

Milan Ficek

Age: 38 years

Registered in Slovak Bar Association: 14 years (11 years as attorney at law)


My specialization is family law. I started to specialize after 2 years of my practice. 


I help spouses and parents to solve their family law matters in Slovakia so they can continue to live fulfilled life without any concerns. 


I have wife and 7 years old son and know that it is the family, which is the most important for everyone. Without family there would not be a purpose. So I am dedicated to help clients in this pursuit.


I find aslo great passion in training young attorneys and paralegals in family law in Slovakia and to see how they win cases. I teach them not only the law but also the way how to win their case. As was many times said ´devil is in details´. 


I can speak english and german language fluently. 

Professional career

Professional skills:

- attorney at law (2009-2010)

- attorney at law and partner of Law office FICEK a Partners (from 2010)

- speaker at the Family law conferences,

- trainer of young attorneys and paralegals in family law,

- author of hundreads of profesional articles in family law and author of 2 publications: Divorce matters and Do not loose your child in eyes of a lawyer,

- Professional publications in commercial newspapers and magazines and cooperation with national TV (Markíza, JOJ and RTVS). Watch our youtube channel: YouTube channel Ficek & Ficekova 


Bar associations:
Registered in Slovak Bar Association and Czech Bar Association



Law faculty of University of Matej Bel in Banska Bystrica (2001-2006 - degree Mgr.),

Law faculty of University of Matej Bel (2007 - degree JUDr.)


As a proof of the quality of our legal service clients speak for us:

Over 2300 google reviews. Here is a link: Google reviews Ficek & Partners


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