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Do you have a simple legal problem and need the legal advice from professionals (attorneys) in Slovakia? Are not you fully acquainted with the Slovak law? Please, fill in the online legal help form in the bottom part of this page.

The attorney shall respond via the on-line legal help to your question regarding the legal problem here. The lawyer shall advise you how to proceed.

In the case of a simple legal advice, we shall provide you with the legal advice free of charge. As long as it is not a simple legal advice, we shall announce you the price of the legal assistance.

Please, fill in the country and city you come from, your e-mail and your question. Our lawyer will answer your legal problem. Type your question in the "Question" section. The attorney reserves the right to respond to the question asked.

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JUDr. Milan Ficek

We reserve the right to respond to the question asked.

JUDr. Milan Ficek,
attorney at law, Bratislava

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