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Fee of attorney - pricing

We try to make our fee model transparent so you know how much would cost your representation in family law matters.

Most of the time we work on hourly basis, which starts at 80 eur per half of an hour.

At the beginning we ask for a retainer.

We also do a flat fee model in types of cases where both parties agreed on everything and want just to resolve it by court.

Standard divorce case is around 10 hours of attorney´s work.

The attorney’s fee is usually regulated by an agreement. In the case the fee is not determined by an agreement, it shall be governed by the Regulation of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic No. 655/2004 Coll. the Regulation on Fees and Compensations for Attorneys for Legal Service Provision.

If you want to know exact costs of the legal assistance in your case in our law firm, let me know per email. We specialize in family law so we know exactly what to do and not to wonder around. So we can save you many hours of attorney´s work, so you will save money. We helped hundreds of satisfied clients as you can see in google reviews of our law firm.

Our communication will be per email or phone call. The one you prefere.

Here are basic ways to agree on pricing with an attorney in Slovakia:

Proportion Rate Fee

The proportion rate fee may be agreed upon in the form of the percentage share in the value of an object that is the subject matter of the proceeding before the court or another authority.

Hourly rate fee

The hourly rate fee shall be agreed upon by determining the hours needed for the legal assistance provision.

Flat fee

The flat rate fee may be agreed upon
- for the legal assistance provision in a certain time period or for an indefinite period of time,
- for the complete settlement of the matter or the set of matters.

Tariff rate fee

The tariff rate fee shall be determined according to the number of acts really carried out by the attorney, while the price of a single legal assistance act shall be determined by an agreement or pursuant to the Regulation No. 655/2004 Coll. by the object value.

JUDr. Milan Ficek, your attorney in Slovakia

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