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Criminal law

Our law office Ficek & Partners work with criminal law cases in Slovakia.

Criminal law belongs among the public law fields protecting the significant social relations against the illegal action by determining what is the criminal offence, specifying the conditions of criminal responsibility and impunity, the types of sanctions, methods of their imposing and enforcement.

After assuming the representation, the criminal attorney - defendant shall provide the clients in the criminal proceeding with the qualified defence in the criminal proceeding. We represent the accused person in the preparatory proceeding (i.e. pre-legal proceeding), in the legal proceeding as well as the executive proceeding. The Power of Attorney for the representation of the accused person may be granted also by family members. You can find the criminal law arrangement in particular in the Act No. 300/2005 Coll. the Penal Code (in Slovak) and the Act No. 301/2005 Coll. Criminal Procedure Code (in Slovak).

The services of our cooperating colleague in the field of criminal law:

- Representation of the accused person and the prisoner at the bar by the defence lawyer in criminal proceeding on the territory of the Slovak Republic,

- Criminal accusation in Slovakia

- Rights of accused person in Slovakia

- Petition for conditional release of the convicted person, petition of clemency, petition for the obliteration of the sentence, petition for the decision on certification,

- Elaboration and filing of criminal notifications, proposals, petitions, complaints, appeals, claims, proposals for the proceeding restoration, proposals for the extraordinary claim by advocate,

- Representation of the injured person (persons) by an advocate in the criminal proceeding pursuant to the Criminal Procedure Code, the enforcement of damages (in adhesion proceeding) in Slovakia.

- Representation in the proceeding on the compensation of the victims of violent criminal offences, and

- Legal consulting and advisory in the criminal law field.

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