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Family law firm in Slovakia

We help spouses and parents to solve their family law matters in Slovakia so they can continue to live fulfilled life without any concerns.   

We focus on family law cases in Slovakia. Read more here: Family law - our expertise

I try to write something about us so you can see that there are real people working hard for our clients behind the law firm.

Our law firm was established in 2010 in Bratislava (Slovakia). After 2 years of practice we started to specialize exclusively on family law in Slovakia. 

At the beginning it was hard because nobody had known us. Working till midnight most of the days, we took turns with our newborn child. After a few years we created a team of dedicated lawyers. It was not easy to find great people who love their job so much. I am proud of them.

Read more about JUDr. Milan Ficek, attorney-at-law here: JUDr. Milan Ficek, attorney in family law.

Our attorneys successfully solved hundreds of cases concerning family law (divorce, alimony, parenting rights, marital property matters,..).

We represent clients in court trials and provide legal assistance services in family law.

We have got more than 2300 reviews in google and our rating is 4,9* of 5*. It is not a coincidence, look here:

It´s because we care and clients are very satisfied with our work.

As specialized attorneys we solve clients´ problems faster and easier, because we know exactly what we are doing. 

Exact steps for exact results.

Handling hundreds and hundreds of clients we have got experience as few of our competitors.

When dealing with the legal problems of our clients, we pay attention to discretion and secrecy. 

Write us an email so we can have a quick call (10-15 min) to see if we can help you.

You can find our contact details here: Contact details.

JUDr. Milan Ficek, your attorney

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