Spousal Alimony in Slovakia

Spousal support

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Here are few informations about spousal support (alimony) in Slovakia.

A divorced spouse may have claim to spousal support(alimony) from the other spouse.


A divorced spouse who is unable to support himselfor herself may request that his or her former spouse provide spousal support(alimony) to ensure such support depending on the resources, funds and propertyavailable to the other spouse.


If the former spouses do not agree or the otherspouse does not want to contribute such spousal support (alimony) for therequesting spouse up to the requested amount, the court will rule on a petitionfiled by either of the parties.


The court will then consider the causes that led tothe break in the relationship between the spouses.


Spousal support (alimony) may be awarded for amaximum of a period of five years from the date on which the court's ruling ina divorce proceeding is valid.


In extraordinary cases the court may extend thisperiod.

This is if the spouse who the court awarded such spousal support (alimony) isunable for objective reasons to support himself or herself after the expiry ofthe original term.

In particular if this spouse was awarded custody of childrenwith a long-term health disability within the divorce proceeding or if suchspouse suffers from a long-term health disability requiring constantcare.


The right to such spousal support (alimony) lapsesif the recipient spouse enters into a new marriage or if the providing spousedies.

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