Debt collectors in Slovakia

We provide debt collecting in a territory of whole Slovak republic.

Debt collectors are using the services of attorneys in whole Slovak republic We provide (as debt collectors) several advantages . Clients have not only the certainty of the legal claiming of your money, but also the serious and personal approach.

Debt collecting shall be made by us after receiving the Power of Attorney for representation. In the case of debt recovery, we shall claim also the costs of judicial proceeding and legal representation together with the principal. In the case of a successful money claim, all investments shall be recovered. The bottom limit for money claiming (debt recovery) is not limited by law. Also petite debts are receivables and several petite receivables can make a great debt

We claim money from the debtors on the territory of Slovakia including interests.

Debt Recovery - Prices and Terms and Conditions

- The costs of representation depend upon the amount of receivable and we shall announce you the amount upon request.

- In the case of a successful debt recovery, all invested costs shall be recovered. We shall phrase the legal action in such a way so that the court awarded you also the reimbursement of the costs of legal proceeding. Thus it is your debtor who shall pay for our services.

The successful debt recovery requires both care and experience.

JUDr. Milan Ficek,
attorney at law, Bratislava
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