English speaking lawyer (attorney) in Slovakia

The importance of an english speaking lawyer

The economic / political events Europe in general, as well as corporates’ investment policies, have led more and more people to "expatriate", seeking economic stability in the runaway economies of the Eastern European countries. Someone, especially young people, leave their countries to look for job opportunities which do not exist in their country, other people, especially pensioners, leave their Countries to stem the high cost of living and the insane tax burden, so as to spend peacefully the last years of their lives.

Whatever could be the reason that pushes a person to leave, the common denominator is that anyone could have to face problems or situations that require the assistance of competent professionals, specifically lawyers/attorneys. Here comes the importance of relying to an English speaking lawyer/attorney.

Let's take a few examples: buying or selling a property; the establishment of a company; any problems with the employer; any tax problems; possible conjugal matrimonial regimes; possible problems with justice, both civil and criminal, etc.

In all the aforesaid situations, but also in many others, the lawyer/attorney is the reference figure for the person who needs assistance. Are all expats able to explain their problems and needs to a Slovak lawyer/attorney? Communication would be impossible and, consequently, legal assistance would be inefficient.

Even if the client speaks a bit of Slovak, the problem remains for two reasons: first of all, in Bratislava there are really few lawyers/attorneys who speak English and secondly, the legal language is very different from the everyday language, so even if the client speaks Slovak, usually is unable to support a conversation in the legal field.

If lawyers/attorneys who speak English in Bratislava are rare, lawyers/attorneys who speak English, Slovak, Italian and French are even a mirage! Here is the difference between our law firm and others: we provide legal assistance in English, Slovak, Italian and French, thanks to the cooperation with our foreign lawyers/attorneys partners!

By entrusting you to a Slovakian lawyer who speaks English, you will have the certainty of receiving 100% clear and complete legal assistance, the ability to compare and understand Slovak legal institutions in a language that you understand! Moreover, an English speaking lawyer/attorney will also be able to better advise you on which legal system is most convenient for each individual business and can make the right comparisons between the Slovak legal system and other legal systems.

The statistics say that foreign customers who turn to lawyers who speak their own language have a level of satisfaction above 90% compared to customers who choose to turn to lawyers who do not speak their own language.

Our law firm provides assistance and counseling in English and works with English speaking clients. Our foreign customers have a satisfaction level of over 99%, both in terms of the ease of communication and the professionalism of our partners.

The main sectors of activity for which our law firm provides assistance and counseling also in English are civil law, commercial and corporate law, business law, such as new technologies and innovative start-ups, real estate law, labor law, insurance law, medical liability, etc.

Obviously, we are also focused on assisting Slovak companies and entrepreneurs interested in expanding their business abroad (especially in Italy or Ireland), or who have just moved abroad.

Like any Country, Slovakia also has its own specific characteristics, which must be considered if we intend to launch ourselves on the local market and above all if we are thinking of operating directly through a new structure to be set up on site. The legislation and the national regulations applicable to each product sector of goods or services can vary considerably and it is therefore that I highly recommend first clarifying every aspect of the activity that we hope to undertake. Particularly in the fields of innovation and digital, characterized by a continuous development whose standardization does not always appear linear, it is necessary to always pay close attention and it is better to carefully review each element.

For this reason it is extremely important to choose professionals who are able to explain all these peculiarities in English! To be lucky enough to work with professionals who are familiar with both environments, the foreign one and the Slovak one, is already a point of advantage compared to a person who, instead, relies on a common professional.

The great importance of foreign languages in the legal profession is clear, and relying on a lawyer/attorney who speaks English is undoubtedly an advantage, especially in light of the linguistic barriers that still divide Europe internally.

Therefore, the specialty of the services offered by our law firm lies precisely in allowing the customer to communicate in the language most familiar to him between Italian, English, Slovak and French and be put in a position to fully understand the contents of the applied law and, therefore, the nature and relevance of the activities carried out in its interest.

We are unique in our industry and we strongly believe that giving the customer the opportunity to speak in the language that most favors the collaboration between the professional and the customer, helping to consolidate the relationship of mutual understanding and trust and avoid misunderstanding because of use of a third language.

Moreover, thanks to the tools offered by modern technology, you can contact us directly online! An English speaking lawyer/attorney will answer you promptly, with courtesy and extreme professionalism.

We have explained the difference between entrusting you to a professional who speaks your language and risk having problems of understanding and communication by entrusting you to a lawyer who does not understand you and is not able to make you understand him.

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JUDr. Milan Ficek,
attorney at law, Slovakia, Bratislava
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