Civil law

Civil law belongs to the jurisprudence fields generally governing the ownership relations are related personal and personal and ownership relations. The subjects of the relations have the same position and disposition autonomy from the legal point of view.

In the field of civil law, our law firm in Bratislava provides the following legal assistance services:

- Debt recovery (legal actions, representation, advisory),

- Representation of natural and legal persons,

- Transfers of title to real estates and movables (purchase contracts, gift contracts, exchange contracts, etc.),

- Obligation security - security agreements, guarantee, security transfer of right, etc. pursuant to the civil law,

- Responsibility for damage and unwarranted enrichment (legal actions, representations) pursuant to the civil law,

- Elaboration of the contracts pursuant to the Civil Code (letters of intent, purchase, gift, exchange contracts, contracts on work, on borrowing, lease contracts, mandadary contracts, contracts on transport, mediation contracts, etc.),

- Protection of property right (legal actions, representation in proceeding) pursuant to the civil law,

- Personality protection (legal actions on the refrainment from unwarranted interventions, remedy of consequences, on the compensation of non-property damage in money), and

- Assignment of receivables, taking-over of debt, accession to the obligation, purchase of receivables pursuant to the civil law.

JUDr. Milan Ficek,
attorney, Bratislava
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