Business (commercial) law

We provide the following services in the field of business - commercial law in our Law firm in Bratislava:

- Representation in commercial and legal disputes, legal advisory,

- Company formation in Slovakia and organisational units of the commercial companies on the territory of Slovakia, helping in getting TRP (temporary residence permit in Slovakia).

- Temporary residence permit - company formation in Slovakia - Legal help in getting TRP (temporary residence permit in Slovakia.

- Administration and dealing with the complex legal agenda of a commercial company, the commercial and legal advisory and representation for legal and natural persons,

- The amendments in the registered data on commercial companies in the Companies Registry (e.g. the amendments in the business name, the amendment in the registered office, the amendment in the statutory body, the amendments in partners, the amendments and supplementations of the scope of business, the transfers of business shares, the amendments of the legal form, etc.) pursuant to the commercial law,

- The dissolution of commercial companies, merger, division and winding up of commercial companies and cooperative pursuant to the commercial law,

- Debt recovery (legal actions, representation, advisory) pursuant to the commercial law,

- The assignment, purchase of receivables pursuant to the commercial law,

- The reimbursement and surrender of the unwarranted enrichment (legal actions, representation),

- The compilation of commercial contracts and professional consulting to the contents of the contracts pursuant to the Commercial Code,

- The protection of a business name and business secret (legal actions for the refrainment from the action, surrender of the of unwarranted enrichment, reimbursement, representation and advisory) pursuant tot he commercial law,

- Representation in the execution proceeding,

- Representation in the Bankruptcy and Restructuralisation Proceeding,

JUDr. Milan Ficek,
attorney at law, Bratislava
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