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Barbora Ficeková
JUDr. Barbora Ficeková
attorney - partner
02/381 04 750

Barbora Ficeková

Registered in Slovak Bar Association: 13 years (10 years as attorney at law)

Barbora is attorney-at-law in the law office of Ficek & Ficeková. She is also managing partner.

Language skills: slovak, czech, english, german language.

Professional career

Professional skills
attorney at law (2009-2010)
attorney at law and partner of Law office FICEK a FICEKOVA (from 2010)

Bar associations
Registered in Slovak Bar Association.

Law faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava (2001-2006 - title Mgr.), Law faculty of University of Matej Bel (2008 - title JUDr.)

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